DUI Probation Violation

Florida DUI Probation Violation

Florida DUI Probation Violations carry serious penalties and sentences.

When you resolve your Florida DUI case you will be placed on probation. The length of your DUI probation will often depend on the jurisdiction you are in. It can range from six months to typically one year for a misdemeanor DUI.

If you do not complete all the terms or what we call the special conditions that the court lays out for you or you don’t complete the terms in the time alloted by the court and ordered by the judge your probation officer will file an affidavit with the court that you pled you DUi to. When that probation officer fills out that affidavit it will make its way to a judge who will then sign off on this warrant. That will lead to your arrest on the initial charges.

That probation officer has outlined to the judge in that affidavit the way in whicj you have violated your DUI probation. This is now a very serious issue with the possibility of jail time. If you have picked up a new charge while on probation or violated your current probation please call our office and speak with one of our attorneys. Remember if you receive a new charge while on probation, you cannot plea out to that charge without violating your current probation.