Florida DUI Probation

Florida DUI Probation And DUI Penalties

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What is DUI probation in the state of Florida? We get asked the question a lot after someone is arrested on a DUI charge.  If you are convicted of a DUI or a reckless driving, you will be placed on probation. This is a way for the legal system to have some teeth in you. It is there to enforce the judge’s order and the deal that has been worked out with the prosecutor in the case. In most jurisdictions you would be required to report to your probation officer once a month so that officer can ensure you are fulfilling all the terms of your probation.  Any terms that the judge orders like DUI School, fines, court costs, community service is all monitored through your probation.

Failure to live up to the terms of your probation as ordered by the court will result in a violation of your probation. Once you violate your probation a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Now you have gone from a situation where you were reporting to an officer once a month to living in a county jail cell, possibly even state prison.