Multiple DUI Arrests

Multiple DUI Arrests In Florida

Florida DUI Lawyers Representing Clients Following a DUI Arrest

If you are arrested for a DUI in Florida and this is your second DUI in a five year period you are facing a mandatory minimum jail sentence. The legislature has determined that a second drunk driving conviction within five years falls under these sentencing guidelines.

The two things that are very harsh when it comes to a second DUI within five years, is the loss of your driver’s license for five years. The first year of that five year period is referred to as “hard time” as you can not drive for any reason. You are also facing a minimum mandatory 10 days in a local county jail.

The question we often get at our law firm concerns alternatives to jail for a second DUI. There are alternatives. There is the opportunity to get you into a resedential treatment program hopefully aleviating the need for you to go into county jail. Give our firm a to discuss your options. We have represented hundreds of drivers in the same position as you. We can help you fight these charges.