Client Charged with DUI After Hitting a Vehicle then Leaving the Scene Receives NO Conviction on All Charges

DUI AMENDED TO RECKLESS DRIVING, LEAVING THE SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT – NO CONVICTION (NOVEMBER 2009) Defendant was observed by 3 independent witnesses hitting a vehicle and leaving the scene of the accident. The witnesses spoke to the arriving deputy and positively identified the defendant as the driver. Defendant was noticeably confused during the Field […]

Client Charged with DUI Blows a .158 Receives No Conviction Due to Lack of Probable Cause for the Stop of Her Vehicle

April 14, 2010 Case Number 7565-XEF – Judge Lefler Charge: DUI Result: NO DUI CONVICTION Defendant was stopped for traveling over the solid white bar at a pedestrian cross walk.  The defendant was then observed driving straight in a right turn only lane.  Tampa Police Officers smelled an odor of alcohol on her breath and […]

No Conviction on DUI Charges with BAC of .149

Case Number: 2012 CT 005028 NC The defendant was stopped for changing lanes without signaling in Sarasota County.  The trooper noticed signs of impairment and conducted a DUI investigation.  The Defendant was subsequently arrested and blew a .149 and a  .138.  Darren Finebloom subpoenaed the officer to the DMV hearing in order to obtain testimony that […]

Manatee County DUI Charge with Breath Test Over .20 Completely Dismissed

2012 C T 001342 (Manatee County) DUI Defendant was stopped in Manatee County by a Pinellas County sheriff for briefly driving on the wrong side of the roadway against oncoming traffic.  The Pinellas sheriff called out for Manatee Deputies to respond.  A DUI investigation ensued and the Defendant was arrested for DUI.  He took a breath test and blew […]

Hillsborough County DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

7048-XFA – Hillsborough County – November 2012 Charge: DUI Result: Reckless Driving Defendant was stopped for running a stop sign.  Upon extensive review of the location of the stop, pictures were taken of the stop sign and compared to the position of the officer at the time he allegedly observed defendant driving.  During negotiations and […]

A Look At Multiple Tampa DUI’s

Getting a DUI in Tampa is never a fun thing to deal with. Getting multiple DUI’s in Tampa is even less fun. Because the thing about Tampa DUI’s is that they continue to haunt you for the rest of your life. In addition to serious punishments attached to the actual DUI, prospective employers and landlords […]

Getting A Hardship License Following A Florida DUI

How does this affect my ability to drive? That question is one we hear from clients all the time after they have been charged or convicted with  a Florida DUI. And this is not an unsubstantiated concern—Florida is a state where people rely heavily on their cars to accomplish their daily lives. With the heavy […]

What Constitutes A Felony DUI In Sarasota?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is not a blanket charge in Sarasota for anyone registering a BAC of .08 (adults) or above; rather, there are varying degrees a Sarasota DUI charge can assume depending on the severity of the incident as well as the criminal record of the individual. In Florida, a driving under […]

Florida’s Holiday DUI Crackdown Leads to 548 Arrests

With the holiday season behind us, many Florida residents may still be feeling the hangover from the highway patrol’s recent DUI crackdown as part of the nationwide Drive Sober of Get Pulled Over campaign that took place from Dec. 12-Jan. 2. Florida, along with many other states, increased the number of highway patrol officers on […]

Sarasota Field Sobriety Tests: Designed To Fail

Ahhhh tests. You probably thought you were done with them the day you graduated from high school or college. But if you are (or ever have been) pulled over under suspicion of drunk driving in Sarasota then you have a series tests that you will have to pass in order to get by. One major […]