Can you get a DUI for driving after smoking marijuana?

Absolutely! Under the statute you can be convicted of DUI if you are under the influence of any controlled substance. Marijuana is a controlled substance.

If an officer thinks you are under the influence of marijuana, they will ask you to submit to a urine test. If you do not submit to an approved urine test, your license may be suspended for a period of one year. After giving a urine sample, the officer will perform a preliminary test at the jail to see if it tests positive for marijuana. Then the rest of the sample is usually sent to a lab inTallahasseefor confirmation testing.

If you have been arrested for DUI and the allegation was that you were under the influence of marijuana you need an experienced lawyer to represent you! There are several defenses available that may not be explored if you don’t. These defenses may result in a better outcome for your case. So be sure to hire an attorney who has tried marijuana DUI cases.

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